Organizational Effectiveness

Undergoing an organizational re-design?

Planning a team building session?

Developing high-potential talent?

Chrysalis Coaching & Consulting understands that organizations are made up of the sum of its parts. People working together can achieve more than individuals working independently. If you give your employees the opportunity to learn and grow, they will thrive – and so will your organization.

According to the Harvard Business Review, research indicates that thriving employees have:

  • better overall performance
  • less burnout
  • higher organizational commitment
  • increased job satisfaction
  • significantly fewer doctor visits

Chrysalis utilizes a holistic approach to align strategy, process, and talent. All offerings are customized based on the clients’ specific needs.

Why Hire a Professional Consultant?

Leadership Development


of leaders rising into bigger jobs revealed they feel underprepared for these roles

Change Management


of mergers and acquisitions fail during the integration process due to people- related issues

Emotional Intelligence


of top performers are high in EQ



Number of satisfied employees it takes to generate the same output as one inspired employee


Leadership Development Icon

Leadership Development

Design and deliver customizable programs to build leadership skills.

Team Building Icon

Team Building

Design and deliver customizable programs to enhance team effectiveness and team dynamics.

Change Management Icon

Change Management

Design and deliver customizable programs to lead and manage change and transition.

Facilitation Icon


Design and deliver customized facilitated sessions such as business planning, focus groups, and lessons learned debriefs.

Organizational Icon

Organizational Design

Design and deliver an organizational structure and roles and responsibilities for a new/re-designed organization.

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Talent Management

Design and deliver customized programs to enhance the organization’s human capital capabilities.

“Karen’s approach allowed the team to take away tangible action items that they could implement immediately and we have already seen increased effectiveness.”

Peggy Taylor, Antibody Products Director, Covance

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